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Press Release

April 12, 2017

TranGO (Transit for Greater Okanogan) responded to the Hwy 20 road closure over Loup Loup Pass by adding an express connection between Pateros and the Okanogan/Omak area on April 11th.  The direct route between Twisp and Okanogan cannot be operated until road repairs are completed.  Methow Valley residents wanting to travel to Okanogan or Omak, will ride the regular route from Twisp to Pateros, then transfer to the express route to Okanogan/Omak.  Passengers can transfer to the Omak-Okanogan Shuttle at the TranGO office, or at the Omak Travel Plaza (Main Street and Hwy 97).  TranGo also began an additional run between Pateros and Twisp to accommodate the return transfer trips from the express route between Okanogan and Omak.

For working commuters, TranGO has a 10 passenger van available now for vanpool, and access to additional vans based on the local need.  A vanpool consists of a group of five to ten people who commute together on a regular basis in a van provided by TranGO.  Vanpools generally follow a set schedule and route, but unlike a bus, these are set by you and your fellow riders and can operate before and after the hours of the bus service.  Vanpooling can help commuters save money and reduce wear-and-tear on their personal vehicles.  The costs of commuting are much lower than driving alone.  The monthly fares cover the use of the van for the month as well as all maintenance, insurance, and fuel.  The cost is reduced as more riders join the vanpool.

For more information on starting a vanpool or questions on bus routes, please call TranGO at (509) 557-6177.

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Click here for a the DRAFT Transit Development plan available for public comments up until 6:00pm on August 18th. Public Comments can be sent to Kelly Scalf, CEO/General Manager, at

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                             ** If you would like to PURCHASE A BUS PASS, you can pay with a debit/credit card over the phone (509) 557-6177 or stop by our office – 303 2nd Ave S, Suite A, Okanogan, WA 98840**



Four broad policy goals are intended to implement the OCTA mission statement by guiding the development of the comprehensive plan, the overall management of the authority, and the operation of its services. Each policy goal is supported by objectives and implementation strategies that are detailed below:

  1. Operate safe, clean, accessible, customer-oriented and cost-effective public transportation services.
  2. Provide mobility and access to critical services, employment and commerce.
  3. Enhance the character and economic vitality of communities.
  4. Support local, regional and state policies for transportation system development, community and economic development, and environmental stewardship.